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Rushdown Revolt x Scuffed World Tour

I collaborated with my operations team and the Mogul Moves team to execute a paid sponsorship of Ludwig's Scuffed World Tour event. This event was live streamed to Ludwig's YouTube channel on December 18th, 2022, with 2 separate streams running for Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, garnering 1.3 million views across both streams. This sponsorship package consisted of bi-hourly ad reads over a sizzle reel of Rushdown Revolt clips, with every other hour playing our newest ad that we debuted at the event. This ad promotion resulted in setting our record for highest number of concurrent players while the event was happening. This was also our best performing ad to date on social media in regards to organic reach and engagement. We were also able to have a small on-site team at this intimate event, and I was the lead and main point-of-contact at the event. I collaborated with the Mogul Moves team and tournament organizers to allow us to set up a space for the pro Smash players to try out Rushdown Revolt between their matches, and we had pros, TOs, commentators, and creators playing our game throughout the entire event. I also purchased and distributed promotional merchandise to our most valuable connections at the event, while perpetuating long-term professional relationships with as many people there as possible.

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